Dance, Stick-Man, Dance.

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  1. stiobhan says:

    Tokyo Metro has a bunch of posters you might like:

    My favorite is the for-outdoor-use-only umbrella-propelled zombie repellent. Piston!

  2. gths says:

    "I call this move The Third Rail"

  3. xenogram says:

    You know, there's probably an animated gif in this.

    • gargargar says:

      In fact, there are animated versions of this poster projected on the walls of the deep tube stations. The little guy stumbles closer and closer as the train glides in, but never quite suffers the true consequences. No sound. If you hunt around, you may even find a copy in animated GIF form somewhere.

      I should also note that the Jublee extension (which goes past the Oâ‚‚ Arena) has Singapore-style glass platform doors lined up with the train doors, so drunkards can tumble about all they like in the newer stations.

  4. giantlaser says:

    I've been seeing these around for the past month or so. London has a long history of hanging posters espousing common sense. "Keep calm, carry on", and the like.

    • gargargar says:

      Of course, the "Keep Calm" poster was never hung. It was intended to prevent mass freak-out during early days of an expected Nazi occupation. Now it seems to mean little more than "ECONOMY'S ROUGH KEEP SHOPPING LOL".

  5. thargol says:

    These posters have been around for a while now, warning about not getting too close to the platform edge when drunk, not trying to retrieve your mobile phone after you've dropped it on the track, minding the gap between the train and the platform, etc.

    They took on a whole new meaning for me a few years ago, with one that said "Last year: 186 injuries, 3 fatalities". I worked with one of the 3...

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