I wish to see these films.

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Well done, Kodak! The Goatses will continue until morale improves.

How to show everyone what's on your Kodak frame.

So much win:

  • If you know or guess the MAC address of any Kodak wireless digital picture frame, you can extract the images that are displaying on it.
  • You can also remotely reset the frame, meaning you can 0wnz0r it and change its image sources.

So Kodak has built an appliance for letting complete strangers (a) browse your family photos, and (b) beam shock porn directly into your living room! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

This all works because the appliances won't connect to (e.g.) Flickr directly, they only phone home to Kodak's server, which then proxies all of the requests. But at least they're using OAuth instead of making you type your Flickr password into Kodak's server. This is a little surprising, actually, given the tip-top job their security engineers did of designing the rest of the infrastructure of this product line.

I guess I ought to add a WebCollage source to generate random Kodak MAC addresses for use as an image source!

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I, for one, welcome our new Hivemind Overlords.

A couple of good stories I came across today:

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hey, you got your Buttered Cat Effect in my Security Theatre!

What happens when the immovable object of terrorism meets the unstoppable force of kiddie porn?

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