A public service announcement on decades.

Many of you seem to be confused about this.

The 201st Decade, known as "The Aughts", ended last night.

  • The "Twentieth Century" ran from Jan 1901 through Dec 2000.
  • The "Nineteen Hundreds" ran from Jan 1900 through Dec 1999.
  • The "Nineties" ran from Jan 1990 through Dec 1999.
  • The first "decade" only contained nine years, making it an "enneade".

Some people say that the current decade should be called "The Teens". I think we should only call it that if we pronounce the first few years as "Twenty Teen", "Twenty Oneteen", and "Twenty Twoteen".

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A special treat for the ten year anniversary of Y2K...

SpamAssassin gives any message sent in 2010 a default score of 3.2 because that date "is grossly in the future." But it gets better: they discovered and "fixed" this in June 2009... but never bothered to push out a release. Because being fixed in CVS is good enough, right? That's the Linux way.

You want "score FH_DATE_PAST_20XX 0".

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