Scratchbot Sees With Its Whiskers

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  1. lionsphil says:

    Wow, I love the powerslide turning motion when it finds the ruler.

  2. ionan says:

    Strangely cute. The way it moves its "head" reminds me a lot of a cat, especially when it seems to be "sniffing" something with the short bristles on the point of the triangle.

  3. hattifattener says:

    From the bristle robotics laboratory amirite

  4. jsoursland says:

    Wow! That behavior is nearly identical to that of my little roborovski hamsters. Well, after sniffing they tend to run away, but other than that it is very similar. :)

  5. eminence_gris says:

    Yes, but does it poison you with its whiskers as well?

    • lafinjack says:
      • lionsphil says:

        I was quite excited at the slow-mo footage of Bigdog failing hilariously, until I realised that, no, they hadn't fitted it with shoes.

        Damn you, confusing noise of a air-cooled two-stroke!

      • ludaplex says:

        omg I just saw the big dog beta lol that was hilarious

  6. lafinjack says:


  7. ludaplex says:

    thats a cool robot, looks like their gonna use that as a prop for a ovie of some sort. nice video

    • strspn says:

      What's an ovie? I heard it was for finding earthquake survivors in the dark, but I don't remember where.