I keep thinking the bottom of the barrel has been breached, but no, there's always more.

Slumming on lolfbmoments.com:

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10 Responses:

  1. jered says:

    No, no, the problem is that you _have_ breached the bottom of the barrel, and are now scooping through the muck the barrel was sitting on. The muck of human snideness.

  2. lafinjack says:

    Oh look, a 4chan joke migrated to Facebook.

  3. harryh says:

    FWIW my girlfriend, who knows about this sort of thing, says that lamebook.com is far superior to lolfbmoments.com for this sort of thing.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    That first one is amazing. Wow.

    But the true horror is the site design.

  5. 0ntological says:

    Best comment ever: I <3 fb like you <3 cock.

  6. nikkiar says:

    All but the last one are definitely fake, generated by http://fakebookquotes.appspot.com/

    Even the last one may be fake, as there are other fake fb conversation generators out there, but the first 3 are all from that site.

    The telltale sign is that they all use the exact same pixellation routine on the images.

    The first one clearly went to a bit more trouble by creating the fake piece of paper, but that's the kind of thing 4chan does.

    Sorry if that spoils anyone's view of humanity.