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  1. elusis says:

    "I have no mouth, and I must scream..."

  2. scorpionis says:

    Sometimes seen with the caption: "My pills: you've swapped them with tic tacs again, haven't you"

    • lionsphil says:

      Wow. On every individual cereal loop.

      You can almost hear the tiny cheer of excitement as they are lifted high by the spoon gods, quickly transitioning into myriad squeaky screams as they realise their looming, betoothed destination.

  3. cdavies says:

    Those eggs are so freakishly white, they'd freak me out even without the googly eyes. They must have inbred those chickens to within an inch of their lives. Seriously, it must be like a German porno in their factory farms.

    (It also freaks me out that the captcha I need to fill out is "doggiest agriculture".)

  4. djmermaid says:


    actually I'm surprised you didn't tag this "furries"...

  5. krick says:

    I just checked out the rest of the flicker images.
    This one needs to be posted on

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