Cab #NaN.

Taxi has a sticker on the window reading "partial zero emissions vehicle". I am unfamiliar with this "partial zero".

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  1. burr86 says:

    Parts of the vehicle produce emissions, and parts of it don't!

  2. ibsulon says:

    As I understand it from http%3a// , a ZEV cannot use gasoline. A PZEV uses gas, but is subject to much stricter regulations.

  3. scullin says:

    I think they're still working on perfecting the zero emission cabbie.

  4. teferi says:

    It's within machine epsilon of 0.0?

  5. vanbeast says:

    no emissions when the car is off.

  6. jayp39 says:

    Partial zero is as close as you can get to zero when computing with fuzzy logic.

  7. vordark says:

    ...partial zero...

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that.

  8. rly says:

    I am going to ignore the legitimate responses above and say that the car is zero emissions, but the driver farts a lot. Somebody had to go there.

  9. korgmeister says:

    Don't even get me started on friends of mine who appear to think that electric cars are "Zero emissions vehicles". Apparently we developed factories, cargo ships and power plants that run on fairy dust while I was sleeping.

    (Yeah, I just hate the term "Zero Emissions Vehicle". Because tricking people into bullshit semantics like "It's only the tailpipe emissions that count" leads to people making bullshit greenwashing consumer decisions that are arguably worse for the environment than back when they didn't care. Plus they act all smug, too!)

  10. gryazi says:

    Been around forever; by this point, basically means that sucking the tailpipe is cleaner than breathing the surrounding air (for the first couple years of the vehicle's operating life), except for that pesky CO2.

    And lack of oxygen, for that matter.

  11. Yeah...It's pretty funny. I owned a Ford Focus, which was a PZEV and I was curious about this terminology too. Oxymoron if you ask me...The owner of a Focus, which is better to the environment to manufacture, and that has a smaller carbon footprint than a Prius (and most cars for that matter), gets no tax write off because of it's PZEV status in California. But the dealerships do - because they were (the last time I checked) required to sell a certain number of low emissions vehicles under a certain price. The owner of the Focus is also not given a carpool pass.

  12. Part man. Part zero-emissions vehicle.
    ALL COP.

  13. baconmonkey says:

    it doesn't use the whole orphan.

  14. rakafkaven says:

    I assumed that if it combined with other PZEVs, it would form one complete Zero Emission Vehicle. That was also a robot lion.