Bike Lane Fail.

Hey, I have an idea! Let's wall off the bike lane...
but still make it wide enough for cars to fit in it.

Don't read the comments if you value your sanity, as that site seems to have attracted nothing but people whose responses to this picture are variants of, "So what! A bicyclist was rude to me once!"

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18 Responses:

  1. ultranurd says:

    Huh. Wonder why they chose 8'... 6' is about enough to safely pass a slower bike without being forced into traffic on non-separated bike lanes. That said, looking at the pavement quality in that picture, I don't think I'd want to ride in the right half of that lane anyway.

    • strspn says:

      The city has preemptively surrendered to Telstar Logistics and is planning to re-assign all the now ineffectual parking officers to give easy, expensive tickets to only those drivers who disrespect cyclists.

    • rodgerd says:

      They probably just decomissioned a row of car parks to make a cycle lane, which would have been a nice option for accomodating two abreast + passing, as well as having the virtues of being easy planning.

      Pity about the asshats.

  2. notthebuddha says:

    Plenty of bike paths are that wide, but most have a bollard at the entrance. Easiset soln would be to put a single post in the middle of the lane entrance, then upgrade to a bollard if they disregard it.

  3. ahruman says:

    ObSwede: A bicycle wÃ

  4. cattycritic says:

    Having both ridden and driven in SF, I can totally imagine that he just missed getting into the lane b/c he didn't pay attention for a split second, was going around someone parking or something. If that were me, somebody would have snapped a photo of the one time I ever did that.

  5. slillibri says:

    I saw my favorite comment at the top, before I had a chance to lose my sanity.

    "How are mail trucks going to get to the mail boxes and the post office at Fox Plaza?"

    Won't someone think about the MAIL BOXES!

  6. rane500 says:

    I was surprised to see that a diamond is used for bus stops - is signage really that bad there? The commenter that mentioned that is right, everywhere else it's a sign for a car pool lane.

    • fleshmeatstg says:

      The diamond just means that the lane is somehow restricted. 90-some percent of the time that means it's an HOV lane or a bus lane. But bike lanes would also (as shown) get marked that way.

  7. korgmeister says:

    This is the awesome thing about being a motorist. You can be a dick to cyclists as many times as you like and they just have to eat it.

    But if one of them is ever rude to you, even once, then BAM! Justified lifelong grudge.

  8. lanikei says:

    Baltimore's Inner Harbor has this setup too. Because it's a touristy area this turns into the taxi lane.

  9. The barriers were already gone by 9:30 this morning. Epic fail!