2009 music wrap-up

In only approximate order of favoriteness, here is my year-end wrap-up. As usual, a few of the entries on the following list were released earlier than 2009, but that is when I discovered them, so I'm allowing some slack. In 2009, I acquired slightly less new music than I did last year, but with a higher ratio of new stuff: roughly 190 new releases but only 20ish old ones.

Many of these bands made appearances on the jwz mixtapes in 2008 and 2009, but I stopped compiling those mixtapes in March 2009, so I discovered many of these bands later.

I sometimes wish that I had kept up with the mixtapes, but at this point I've lost momentum. What killed that project was a conjunction of several things. I went to the South by Southwest festival in March, which kind of fried my brain, musically speaking. Before going, I listened to (or at least skimmed) each of the 1200+ tracks on the SXSW torrent in preparation. That took weeks. Then, after a solid week of seeing around ten bands a day, I returned home to dig through the music I had discovered there. That also took weeks. And at about the same time, there was the New Girl, and so she was pretty much the final nail in the mixtape coffin.

I find that now that I'm no longer spending the time each week to put together the mixtapes, I acquire music more slowly. I guess the act of compiling those tended to focus my acquisitiveness.

As last year, I have eschewed the task of writing short summaries of these albums, because that's a pain in the ass. Despite that, you should listen to these albums because I loved them and you trust me.

Number of these bands that I saw perform this year: 13.
Number of these bands that performed at DNA Lounge this year: 0.
Go Team.

Here's your shopping list:

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7 Responses:

  1. edouardp says:

    Ahh, the optimisation problem of a Man's Hobbies and a New Girl. It's NP complete as far as I've been able to tell.

  2. In the interest of browsing jwz's write-up music, I threw together a Spotify playlist, for those so endowed, with most of the albums. Where the albums were missing or inaccessible, I tried to have the artists represented by some random song, to act as a bookmark so that the listener can explore their other music. Only three or four artists were missing completely from Spotify.


  3. kevinspencer says:

    No Nitzer Ebb love? Their Industrial Complex album was really rather good. As in, good like they used to be back in the day, good.

    • jwz says:

      Haven't heard it, don't care.

      "Hey, are you going to go see Skinny Puppy?"
      "No, but I would totally go see them another time. For example, 1989."

  4. petteri666 says:

    Spotify playlist for jwz 2009 music wrap-up (about 80% of the albums were found).