Totally wiped out trying to cross the useless fucking train tracks on Townsend. First time I've done that in nine years. Fuck this weather.

I'm kinda confused about how I landed flat on my back but ended up with road rash on my palms...

Persistent rumor has it that the only reason that the useless menace of those tracks on Townsend (that run less than a block, and terminate right in front of the Adobe building) still exist is that Caltrain's contract specifies that if they don't make use of those tracks, ownership of that right-of-way reverts to the City. So once a month, they very methodically roll a train down the street... then roll it back. "See? We're 'using' it", they say, and no Caltrain bureaucrat gets a black mark on their record for having accidentally reduced the amount of real estate under their control. [citation needed]

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The Dollyrots

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Cab #NaN.

Taxi has a sticker on the window reading "partial zero emissions vehicle". I am unfamiliar with this "partial zero".


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who's a pretty princess?

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