Please enjoy (what has been retconned to be) jwz mixtape 081.

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7 Responses:

  1. Excellent. Didn't realise Minuit had started doing music videos. Thanks :-)

  2. morallybass says:

    Thanks for keeping the mixtape tradition going somehow. You've got great taste in music and the tracks you've highlighted have brought well needed musical variety into my life on several occasions.

    Please keep posting.

  3. lafinjack says:

    How many of the songs you post do you generally enjoy, as opposed to "I didn't like it, but still think this is an interesting video"?

  4. ultranurd says:

    I really liked the amerind visuals of the Land of Talk video.

  5. kkrv says:

    I really miss the mixtapes.

    Have you considered using something like to assemble audio only mixtapes? Hell, I'd be ecstatic if you just re-posted the original mixtapes on grooveshark, or at least put the track listings up somewhere.

    • fylke says:

      They're there if you just search for them, I'm listing through them after the fact (couldn't get reliable streaming at the time) and am at no 39 at the moment. Lots of great music left to find! =)