stupid CSS tricks 2

I think I've almost managed to get the DNA Lounge popup webcast window to resize the video when you resize the window. (Unsurprisingly, the only way that worked portably was to use tables.) Does it work for you? This seems to resize properly in both Firefox and Safari. It mostly works in Opera: it resizes properly, but there's a scrollbar and the bottom text is off the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure how to fix that.

What does it do in IE? Does the video resize, and is there a green box around it?


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  1. lionsphil says:

    Internet Explorer "you don't have to care about anything older" 6.0 behaves the same as Opera 10.10 (scrollbar, footer off the bottom). Resizing works insofar as it is always slightly too tall.

    Admittedly, the player itself is a plain beige rectangle, but that could well be because my version of ActiveX Flash is apparently also v6, and probably does handle these newfangled video things.

    • badc0ffee says:

      With the correct version of flash player, you can play the video in IE6. It looks the same as in IE8 (content always 30 pixels or so too tall for the window).

  2. cyberspice says:

    Seem to all the way over here in UK land.

  3. radparker says:

    Seems to mostly work as designed in IE 8. Yes, it resizes, yes, the green box surrounds it. The resizing is imperfect, you end up with a scroll bar; the DNA Lounge... text at the bottom falls below the fold.

  4. evan says:

    Not that many people care, but it seems to resize properly in Linux Chrome.

    • scullin says:

      Since Safari and Chrome basically share the same layout engine, one should expect this.

      But still, I'm always surprised.

  5. jwz says:

    Well, if anyone has an incantation that will make it be the right height in Opera as well as the others, let me know...

  6. macguyver says:

    Works great. Firefox 3.5.5/Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32 on WinXP