"Really? That's interesting. Because to me, this is a $200 necklace of worms fucking."

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  1. poitoi says:

    Don't earthworms produce asexually as well??

  2. bunny42 says:

    Regretsy is perfect. *falls over*

  3. mdingler says:

    What changing trains on Arrakis might look like...

  4. lnghnds says:

    Because to me, this is a $200 necklace of worms fucking.

    You say that as if there is some sort of contradiction there.

  5. maximbo says:

    During penis fencing, each flatworm tries to pierce the skin of the other using one of its penises. The first to succeed becomes the de facto male, delivering its sperm into the other, the de facto female. For the flatworms, this contest is serious business. Mating is a fight because the worm that assumes the female role then must expend considerable energy caring for the developing eggs.

  6. msjen says:

    Are you kidding? I know like eight science educators who would buy this. It actually looks exactly like an illustration from one of our children's books.

    I am not, however, one of those educators who would buy this. But I have to contend that I do think it's kind of cool.

  7. altamira16 says:

    I figured that surely someone bought this after it had been in your journal for a few hours. Sadly, no one has.

  8. neonscribe says:

    Check out this incredible footage of slugs exchanging genetic material:

    They make earthworms look positively terrestrial.