now that's pretty fucked up right there.

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  1. gfish says:

    What's so weird about birds eating birds? We eat other mammals, don't we?

    The second one... is quite fucked up.

  2. cryptomail says:


  3. dali_drama says:

    there was a time i saw a seagull, it's beak covered in viscera, gnawing out the hollowed belly of a pigeon.

    never had i known horror till that moment.

    thank you for reminding me of it.

  4. m4dh4tt3r says:

    I'm going to hell for watching that video.

    • elusis says:

      Japanese-American friend of mine in Denver visited his grandfather one time, and was taken out for sushi. He described getting a plate of whole fish, and taking the first bite... whereupon the fish's eye rolled up and looked at him.

      He said "if there is a hell, I'm now destined there. Thanks Grandpa."

  5. tjic says:

    I'm all in favor of blogging weird things (Japanese cartoons, bizarre stuff from the internet, etc.), but showing a video of ikizukuri (the utterly barbarous practice of eating a live animal, while it is aware and can feel pain) without any sort of warning is horrifying.

    For the record: I'm a carnivore. I own a hunting license. ...and I also try to buy ethically raised and slaughtered meat.

    I no more want to come across an "amusing" WT* video of a fish suffering than I want to see "hilarious" / bizarre videos of children being burned with lye.

    It is, of course, your blog, and you can post whatever you like ... but as a loyal reader, a small bit of feedback: I'd appreciate a bit of warning for things that might leave folks deeply upset for hours.

    My two cents. Thanks for listening.

    • Did the title "now that's pretty fucked up right there," not clue you in at all?

      • tjic says:

        > Did the title "now that's pretty fucked up right there," not clue you in at all?

        Correct, it did not.

        Things that JWZ might post under that title: strange fashion disasters, Japanese anime, bizarre emails he's received, terms and conditions buried in his telephone EULA, etc.

        As a matter of fact, of all the various times in my *life* that someone has made a reference to something being f-ed up, this is the first that it involved torture of a fish.

        In your experience, is the phrase some sort of unique signifier for depictions of animal cruelty?

    • jered says:

      TJIC, I'm not saying I disagree with you, but I do recall you did something similar a few months ago and were pretty unrepentant...

  6. jayp39 says:

    Growing up we had a few pet birds, and we often shared our food with them (a varied diet is good for them). One of their favorite foods was chicken.

  7. mysterc says:

    There's a rumor... amongst those who should know about such things... Of a sushi resturaunt in Chicago that has a fish tank full of entrees. When they serve sashimi, its still quivering on the plate. (And apparently quite delicious)

  8. 0ntological says:

    Every meat eater should see this.
    And for the record, I still eat fish. It's good to be reminded that my food had a face, even if it was gross to watch.

    • spider88 says:

      I prefer that my food be decapitated before cooking. Or at least no longer breathing, or trying to.

    • cattycritic says:

      There is killing, but this is torture (with killing); personally I see a big difference here. I'm not just a meat eater - I used to hunt and I would never do something like this. In fact I was taught that if my shot didn't kill the animal right away, to get to it and put it down as quickly as possible so it doesn't continue to suffer.

  9. violentbloom says:

    check out the comments.

  10. vordark says:

    Well, I guess you know the fish is fresh.

  11. "Hm, ok, fish... oh, fuck it's alive, aaaaaaargh Jesus Christ, why am I watching this to the end, AAAAAAAAAAARGH, oh God, AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"

  12. elevatordown says:

    In several of the Disney video games on Sega Genesis back in the day, you could collect a roast turkey as a health powerup. And this was while playing as Donald Duck.

  13. scorpionis says:

    Wow, I like my food fresh, but dayum.

  14. I don't care about the fish.

    If some fish should die (even painfully) to bring joy to a human, I'm OK with that.

    But seeing humans who enjoy cooking and eating live fish, laughing, is deeply disturbing.

  15. cattycritic says:

    re: pigeon eating chicken: yeah, kind of disturbing - birds are true omnivores and they're not the only cannibalistic ones. Chimps eat monkeys, snakes eat other snakes - there are lots more. I understand it's also pretty common to let chickens eat their own eggs.

    Edit: actually I just remembered a sort of related story - my dad told me that when he was in Vietnam they had to eat monkeys. He said he never wanted to do that again because it was like eating your little brother.