I can see time!

Fake Tree Vortex Threatens to Suck in Entire Backyard

"The wall and floor planes are actually entirely flat and perpendicular, and the tree vortex is an illusion created by the sloping lines."
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4 Responses:

  1. carbonunit says:

    "These are the voices of time, and they're all saying goodbye to you ... every particle in your body, every grain of sand, every galaxy carries the same signature ... you know what the time is now, so what does the rest matter?

  2. kou says:


    1. Doesn't work for all vantage points
    2. How do they water the tree?
    3. How do they keep it clean? (necessary for illusion - like the simulated-3D chalk drawings)

    4. for that matter, is that even ALIVE? *creepyshudder*
    5. only in SF....

  3. amaranthyne says:

    Marvelous. If I ever have that modernist house, I will do this in the front yard.

  4. fantasygoat says:

    The tree will be dead soon enough due to unexposed roots.