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  1. kencf0618 says:

    Isn't this illegal?

    • lafinjack says:

      If this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    • lifelike001 says:

      So is raping children, but I'm sure this kind of mind would find that amusing as well. *le sigh*

    • pauraque says:

      Animal cruelty tends to be, yeah. "Ha ha ha."

    • leolo says:

      Illegal? Don't know. Cruel? Yes.

      However, if that were a racoon being launched, I'd be all over it.

    • luserspaz says:

      Fuck squirrels. They are vermin. They deserve whatever they get.

    • artlung says:

      This google search is eye-opening for how many states and government entities condone squirrel hunting: squirrel hunting site:.gov.

      Some choice quotes and facts from a random selection of pages found in that search:

      ""Squirrelitis" is a common contagious disease in many parts of the country. It seems to affect lazy people more than others and the only cure is to go squirrel hunting."

      "Hunting squirrels with a muzzleloading rifle is a traditional activity that actually played an essential role in the establishment of our country. The expert rifle marksmanship of early patriots was gained through hunting experience, necessary for survival in the Colonial period. Good marksmen (and women) put meat on the table and in doing so prepared themselves for revolutionary war against a British enemy that did not practice marksmanship."

      In New York, squirrel season runs September 1 to February 28 this season, and hunters make "bag" up to 6 a day. I'd be getting a late start, but there are 115 days left in the season. So I can kill up to 690 this season. Unless the squirrels are red squirrels, in which case there is no limit to how many I take, ever.

      "Squirrel dogs can come from just about any breed of dog; however dogs that excel at hunting other game make poor squirrel dogs. The most popular breeds that have the best reputation for developing the drive and desire to hunt and tree squirrels are feists and curs."

  2. lionsphil says:

    So that's how the little bastards crossed the Atlantic.

  3. elevatordown says:

    I like that the tag "Space" was used on this entry.

  4. dr_memory says:

    I have now watched this approximately 2,397 times. It has not ceased being funny.

  5. allartburns says:

    I am so building this for our "bird" feeder that is continually raided by the lawn rats.

  6. obreerbo says:

    Elbonia Airlines prototype flight-testing division...

  7. mysterc says:

    "But Bullwinkle, that trick never works."

  8. neontotem says:


    Best comment:

    "i think i will make a redneck launcher. as bait i will set out a coors lite and a pack of dorals."

    • Either the guy had a lot of cameras filming one event from different angles, or squirrels don't learn very quickly.

    • miguelitosd says:

      You reminded me of this:

      There's even a parody for people opposed to hunting: Deer Avenger (Cendant Software; $19.95). In it, bazooka-toting deer lure potbellied hunters to their death with such "genuine hunter calls" as a feminine cry of "Help, I'm naked, and I have a pizza." This game has yet to crack the Top 10.

      From this old article at Time about the Big Game hunting game craze/phase.

      • See... that sounds like a great game :)

        In the real world, what they need to do is allow the hunted to have seconds - preferably seconds that were hip to how to use high-powered firearms and whatnot.

        Hunting is just not sporting unless the dear/raccoon/whatever can snipe you from 150m in starlight.

        (Though I'd argue that hunting in first world countries isn't sporting at all... it's just slaughter dressed up in nice language to make it not sound like it is just slaughter for the purposes of pleasure.)

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