DO NOT WANT. Crunchy, though.

These bugs are not the bugs that I normally eat.
Therefore they disgust me.


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  1. ionan says:

    Pretty gross, but gotta hand it to 'em on presentation.

  2. korgmeister says:

    Isn't lobster a bug?

    I wonder if bugs taste like lobster.

    • divergio says:

      Insects and crustaceans are both arthropods. Whereas the insects became king on land, the crustaceans became king in the sea.

      That said, though I have no problem eating all manner of strange things the Japanese dredge out of the ocean and find a way to put on rice, I am decidedly less excited about these...

    • lafinjack says:

      Lobsters may be the bugs he normally eats, therefore they don't disgust him.

  3. ydna says:

    I dunno. I'm a sushi nut. And I look at this and think, can I really just dismiss it out of hand? I just discovered how much I love sea urchin ovaries last week. There's gotta be something tasty here.

    • edouardp says:

      Mmmm, reminds me of the $200 a head sushi meal we had in Tokyo. We just kept ordering more and more yummy things, and ended up eating a couple of boxes of those sea urchin ovaries (uni or ウニ). That's probably where most of the money went. Dear God, is that stuff to die for, or what?

      Then we all went out to the nightclub and our hosts served us endless quantities of tequila.

      All the other pussies in the company threw up, or passed out, or (my roommate) passed out *and* threw up. It's hard to have respect for people who can't hold their liquor.

      And the bathroom sinks in the hotel rooms the next morning were truly disgusting.

      Ahhh. Good times, good times.

  4. edouardp says:

    My first reaction would normally be "yuck".

    But. I've been to Japan, and everything tasted fabulous, and so, weirdly, some other part of my brain is going "all Japanese food tastes good - try one!"

    There's a Māori delicacy called the "Huhu grub", which is the larval stage of the Huhu beetle. Not many people I know have actually eaten one, but, dammit, *sushi* seems like the perfect delivery device.

  5. kencf0618 says:

    There is no word for "crisp" in Ferengi.

  6. edouardp says:

    I've been trying to think what bugs a North American would normally eat.

    Umm, mezcal worm?

  7. pir_anha says:

    wow. the presentation is so good that it would seriously tempt me. and i will try most things once.

    i might have to close my eyes to stop my gag reflex, which is not as highly evolved as my taste for adventure.

  8. jered says:

    I'm sadly with you on this.... I have trouble eating cricket taquitos, and you can't even see the cricket in those. (They're crunchy and nutty.)

    I think the thing that bugs (hah) me isn't so much the creature, as the eating it whole. I have similar challenges with eating shrimp heads, for example (which are also really quite tasty). If those catepillars were peeled and gutted, I bet you'd have no qualms at all...

    • lysariala says:

      i agree, i just am not a fan of the crunchy outer bits. hell i don't even like soft shelled crab because of the shell. i don't see how people can eat the tails on shrimp, it feels like its cutting up my throat :/ i'd totally eat the squishy insides of a bug tho :)

  9. Is that a Tomato worm?

  10. qtrnevermore says:

    Deep fried tarantula then?
    I hear they taste just like soft-shell crab.
    Or perhaps snail?

  11. spoonyfork says:

    The first one was on a dare by our jungle guide. The second was because the first tasted good. Termites taste like peanut butter. :9

  12. fzort says:

    The Japanese comments on that page seem to agree with jwz's sentiment. Many variations of "ä¹â