dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the War on Fun gets some more press.

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  1. ioerror says:

    Un-fucking believable.

  2. Something jwz quoted gives me pause:

    Granick argued it is illegal for police to seize property without issuing citations or arrests. .... "If we were to find out that the police were doing something else with the laptops, like searching through them or copying the data, we would definitely go to court," she said.

    Now, I don't live in the US and my grip on US search and seizure laws is a little fuzzy, but isn't the police seizing property flatly against the law unless it's in the course of a criminal investigation? If so, why would an EFF lawyer limit herself to talking about the privacy implications?

  3. netsharc says:

    I wish you quitting the USA (or just SF?) would have such a big impact as your comments on Palm Pre development. I hear Iceland is cheap nowadays, and have an awesome night life.

    Well, all I can say, I'm glad I don't live there.

  4. ladyguardian says:

    House parties now? How big are these parties that they are getting busted? Are their neighbours just mad about not getting invited? This sounds more ridiculous the more I hear about it.