Club Med, Dune Sea.

"Bikini Leia and her stunt double nap in the Tatooine sunshine"


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  1. dasht says:

    BurningMan (TM) will not tolerate this kind of violation of its IP rights.


    • legolas says:

      Hehe, that was me first thought on that foto too. Then I looked at the things in the background (Am I the only one looking at the stuff in the background? ;) They seem to be high up somewhere, no?

      • biggeek says:

        That big blank thing looks like either a stand-in for Jabba's sailing barge, or the uncompleted set for the side of it.

        They are snoozing on the set of the top of the sail barge...Probably up on a platform like the skiff in the background.

        Yes, I'm queer.

  2. maramala says:

    Proof that there were more than 2 Star Wars movies.

    This, and the drunken Ewoks on the Today Show last weekend.

  3. kencf0618 says:

    And the stunt double's name is...?

    • topbit says:

      According to IMDB, Sandi Gross.

      Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) (stunt double: Princess Leia) (uncredited) (stunt performer) (as Sandra Gross)

      • scullin says:

        How do you wind up being uncredited with the wrong name? That seems like a paradox.

        • davidglasser says:

          IMDB chooses a single name for each person across all works, and adds "(as Whoever)" when they are credited as something else.

          • scullin says:

            Right -- when they are credited. When you are uncredited, however, you are not credited, unless I've completely lost grasp of the English language.

            What appears to be happening, without bothering to re-watch the end credits of Return of the Jedi to verify, is that somebody is trying to distinguish between being credited as stunt performer as opposed to being crediting as somebody's stunt double, which is, uh, important somewhere to someone, I'm sure. The metal bikini is involved, after all.

          • lafinjack says:

            Yes, but if she was uncredited, she wouldn't be "as Sandra Gross".

      • This very authoritative source claims that Tracy Eddon is the one depicted.

        IMDB, however, only credits her with being C3-PO's stunt double.

  4. Dennis says:

    Subtitle: Carrie Fisher and Kurt Russell.

  5. altamira16 says:

    Slightly off topic.

    When I saw this tentacle orgy, I thought of you.

  6. adam_0oo says:


  7. xthread says:

    Y'know, I'm pretty certain that that'll give 'em both skin cancer in 2.3 seconds

  8. takeapeek says:

    Oh thats awesome!!

  9. sheilagh says:

    As seen on Dancing with the Stars (about 2 minutes in).

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