Alie & Georgia Present: Ham Daiquiri

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  1. Reminds me of the party where someone thought it would be a good idea to make a sausage daiquiri. Not the worst idea ever enacted at that flat, but far, far from the best.

    • jwm says:

      Ah, the Sausage Daiquiri.

      We did it for science, and a few test subjects braved a taste. But I think the fat congealing around the inside of the blender put people off in the end - presentation is critical.

      And next time, instead of Hutton's `so little actual meat that we can't call it a sausage' Sizzlers should be replaced with cocktail sausages. Obvious, in retrospect.

      PS: Bacon and Bacardi? Just don't.

  2. scullin says:

    Reminds me of meat jello, which, thanks to my midwestern upbringing, I've had.

    It was not as disappointing as tomato aspic, which better concealed its true nature.

  3. jabberwokky says:

    I was driving my wife to work, she was flipping through a magazine she had grabbed from the mailbox on the way out, and she suddenly exclaimed: "McNuggetini! In Penthouse! There's a photo and caption in Penthouse about McNuggetinis!"

    Sure enough... this month's Penthouse has an article about odd foods, and the properly credited McNuggetini is in there.

    While we got Penthouse as a $2 extra when subscribing to another magazine, I will point out that it (along with Playboy) have really been going through an interesting change over the last several years. I'm not sure when it started, but they stopped competing directly with internet porn and have aimed more at the "interesting magazine with pretty women". Well, Playboy has and Penthouse has somewhat made an attempt.

    • georgia1313 says:

      Holy crap! We didn't even know about this!


      • jabberwokky says:

        Page 18, December issue. We had several people over last night and fired up YouTube on the TiVo... your video was a hit. Several people offered to bring the makings of a McNuggetini to the next party, and there was actually talk of making a spam daiquiri and comparison between blended ham and the food available to soldiers in the field by a few veterans.

        You've started a very very bad trend, you know.

    • humble_fool says:

      So, back to how they were 30 years ago?

      • jabberwokky says:

        Pretty much. The internet and unlimited hard porn seems to have killed the slow competitive creep toward showing more and more in their pictorials. They have both backed down and refocused on content. I believe there were also some owner/editor changes in the past decade for both of them. Now if they could bring back early Omni and more of the Playboy short stories, I'd be happy.

  4. sparklydevil says:

    If I make this or the McNuggetini for Thanksgiving, will you drink it?

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