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I find that I barely watch actual movies any more, because they all suck. But Sleep Dealer was fantastic, and you should watch it at once. It reminded me of Varley's Blue Champagne mixed with Haldeman's Forever Peace.

Also Moon was really good.

I can't actually remember any other movies I saw this year that I enjoyed. (Oh, Up. That was cute.)

Then there's the televisions.

The Prisoner This was kind of amazing. Ian McKellen does a fantastic Mr. Roarke, it's very surreal, and the final reveal of what's really going on was interesting and something I hadn't seen before.

Flash Forward I've been enjoying this. It feels like Lost but with less of the bullshit. I read the book it was based on which is ok (but not great). I think the changes the show has made from the book have actually improved matters, which is unusual.

Stargate Universe     I almost hated the first episode ("Did I really watch two hours whose plot was 'find the broken window'?"), but it grew on me. They're addressing the resource-scarcity of the stranded crew more than any similar shows have, and there's a lot less comedy than in the other Stargate shows. I hope that the magic "talk to Earth" rocks stop working soon. It would be much more intense without that lifeline. Also, Lou Diamond Phillips is annoying.

V To my great surprise, this has been not-terrible so far. I expected to hate it, because "hate" is the only sensible reaction to a (purportedly) science fiction show that features a priest as one of its main characters. That tells you that the writers expect to do a lot of hand-wringing about "faith" versus "science" (or as I like to call it, "reality"). Fortunately, this priest doesn't actually seem to be very interested in priesting, so that's been ok so far. I enjoyed the David Icke-isms, and that they didn't bother beating around the bush about getting the resistance going.

Dollhouse This show followed the same pattern that Buffy did: the entire first season was slow-moving poorly-plotted terribly-acted garbage, and then he pulled it out of the crapper for the last two episodes of the season, which were like they were from a different show entirely. Season 2 has been much better than season 1, but of course now it's going to be cancelled (again). If you end up watching any of this, fast-forward through an episode or two from season one, then watch the two parter finale in 11 and 12, plus the future-apocalypse episode 13 (which never aired, because it's the best episode of the whole series, and you wouldn't want anyone to actually see that.)

House I grudgingly admit that a doctor show can be worth my time.

Castle I grudgingly admit that a cop show can be worth my time. But only because Nathan Fillion is fun to watch. The actual plots are completely unmemorable.

The Venture Brothers   This season is not wowwing me so far.
Dexter Fading. But still good.
Californication Consistently hilarious.
30 Rock Consistently hilarious.
Supernatural Often dumb. Occasionally hilarious.

Why am I still watching this crap:

Heroes Apparently something went wrong with Tivo and I missed almost an entire season. And yet, apparently I missed nothing, except an explanation of why Whiny Blonde's power changed, and why Indian Dude isn't a lizardman any more. (Things about which I apparently don't even remotely care.)

Sanctuary I watch most of this in fast forward or while playing games on my phone.
Fringe Well, it's not as bad as Sanctuary.
Lost Isn't it over yet? If I could fast-forward to the series finale episode, I'd do that right now.
True Blood Season 2 was a lot better than season 1. Faint praise.

Eagerly awaiting more of:

Mad Men
United States of Tara
Doctor Who Though the xmas special sucked.
Burn Notice
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When FFWD isn't F enough

I wish there was Mythbusters feed that omitted the interminably long and redundant "coming up next!" and "before the break!" bits. Do they think that people only watch the show accidentally while channel-surfing? I think it's a 20 minute show that they pad to an hour. (Ok, 42 minutes plus commercials.)
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dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the War on Fun continues apace.