Apparently McDonald's is closed today. Thanksgiving McNuggetini: DENIED.



14 Responses:

  1. curgoth says:

    Ronald *murdered* the very idea of McNuggetini-o-we'en.

    Next year, we use his head as a cocktail shaker.

  2. loic says:

    I had McDonalds breakfast. Mmmm hot cakes...

    • feren says:

      I tried to, but the McD's by me was likewise closed this morning. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that it was 0340 hours local time when I left?

  3. dmlaenker says:


    I cry tears rimmed with barbecue sauce.

  4. Shit brought a tear to my vision-piece.

  5. sparklydevil says:

    Well, there's always Christmas.

  6. gwynjudd says:

    I hated it when the is owned by Mcdonald closed in my town too. Hopefully he will open it up again soon!

  7. intoner says:

    I threw up a little just thinking about that cocktail.

  8. thargol says:

    I have fallen victim to this. The last time I was in the US, it was thanksgiving, although I didn't know that when I booked the trip. The first I found out about it was when the hotel said their restaurant would be closed for the day. Huh? OK. Well, it might not be gourmet food, but at least I can get a McDonalds, right? It seems not. That confused me greatly. You see, over here, McDonalds are open 364 days of the year. The concept that they might be closed on anything other than 25th December was somewhat alien. I drove around, looking for somewhere, anywhere that might be open. In the end I had to flag down a police car and ask them where I could eat (the answer was a Cracker Barrel some miles away - I'd rather have had a big mac).

    • elusis says:

      This happens to me on Easter more often than I'd like to admit, because I no longer have even marginal awareness of when the bloody holiday is.

      There was a night in Denver in 2003 when... well, the argument that resulted when I came home empty-handed of dinner after several hours of driving around was far more about the state of my marriage than anything, but I did consider writing Chipotle and Noodles & Co. pissed-off letters about institutionalizing Christian holidays in their secular work schedules.