I approve of this Gareth Pugh fellow.

I hereby decree that everyone wear gigantic winged headgear at all times. Get to it.
Also I note that these boots and I will be very happy together, just as soon as someone tells me where I can buy them. Why is there not a "buy" link on this page? Commerce, people! Look it up!

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19 Responses:

  1. fightingwords says:

    I'll arm wrestle you for the boots.

  2. violentbloom says:

    you probably have to pre-order the boots.
    the chanel gun shoes I wanted sold out before they even hit stores.

  3. icis_machine says:

    I had not idea you kept up on the latest trends and so forth.

    You must have been hanging out with kyronfive.

  4. chuck_lw says:

    Just point at the boots and click.

    Oh, wait -- that only works if you have a mouse with a "shop" button on it.

  5. heresiarch says:

    jamie, it's fashion, not commerce. runway shows drive sales of pret-a-porter, magazines, perfume, etc., but mostly not couture.

    otoh, if you can afford Gareth Pugh, there is probably a way to acquire it. and make many of your friends hopelessly envious.

    personally, i want everything from the outfit on the right:

    and maybe both of these, too:

    • creativenamechk says:

      Agreed love the right. I can only dream of one day owning anything from Gareth Pugh. I know Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen have commercially available (though still very expensive) items it seems googling Gareth Pugh Shop brings up clothes, no luck on shoes in my quick search. With runway items you'd have to buy the one of a kind in most cases. Commercial items get toned down so much.

      • jwz says:

        I thought the fact that this says "ready to wear" meant that this shit was actually mass produced for sale, not one-offs? Or am I misunderstanding fashion-code?

        • kiskadee says:

          I think ready-to-wear is code for "not outlandish," and possibly available for purchase in some way. And this guy sounds kind of young... he might not be established enough for an actual storefront yet. Why not try the email address for press and sales inquiries on the website?

          • luserspaz says:

            Wait, this falls into "not outlandish"? Perhaps I am thinking of a different Outland.

        • strspn says:

          The vast wasteland of mediocre is still the enemy of the slightly better.

          Though he is currently a darling of the fashion elite, Pugh claimed in March 2007 that he had yet to sell a single dress and that he struggled to make ends meet. (Until his Spring 2007 collection, his clothes were solely catwalk experiments and simply unavailable to purchase.) While constructing his autumn 2005 debut collection, shown in the Fashion East group show, he was squatting in a converted warehouse. (A court order ultimately forced him to leave the building.) He says his current studio is unheated and has only two electrical outlets. It remains to be seen whether Pugh can be a commercial success as well as a critical one, but he is slowly shifting to more wearable clothing in his runway shows and he has partnered with major manufacturers to produce some of his new pieces. --Wikipedia

    • kencf0618 says:

      Great costume designs for a bad fantasy and science fiction film, respectively. Although the woman on the upper right would make a notable Doctor Who villain —is she coming or going?

    • flipping_hades says:

      If wikipedia's info on Pugh's financial circumstances is correct, he'd be doing much better to have set up a basic PayPal cart for his runway creations up on his website.

  6. takeapeek says:

    *drools* always makes such beautiful things ;-)

  7. baconmonkey says:

    rivet ren-faire boots!

  8. mdingler says:

    Wait a minute, winged head gear and sandal-like boots?

    Sounds familiar...

  9. morrisa says:

    Here are some links showing where to buy some of his stuff for sale all in one place. Nobody has a complete line. Could try writing the shops that have a few of his things for sale, maybe they can put you in touch with him. The dazzling horizontal striped gray jersey dress can be preordered at luisaviaroma, so maybe that's where to go to ask if you can also score boots, since the designer will have to be reached to purchase the item. Or you could take photos of all the boots you like and go to a good shoe knock off place in Vietnam. Hui An is the shoe city.


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