Craigslist: lawyers gone wild

"I submit this brief in support of why we TOTALLY should get it on. - w4m"

You & Me Doing It v. You & Me Not Doing It (2009)

Using that IRAC method we've been learning about, a compelling brief on why we should hump each other's brains out.




5 Responses:

  1. autopope says:

    Wow. Finally, a worked example of how law students do it in their briefs.

  2. When I saw the phrase "NSA sex" I didn't immediately think of No Strings Attached. But then somehow I can imagine lawyers redacting their pillow talk.

    • quercus says:

      The geek-joke potential of "NSA sex" is just too good to pass up, even after all those "Bruce Norris" jokes. ...but if you begin to find "Bob & Carol & Trent & Alice" funny, you definitely need to geek out less.

  3. 0ntological says:

    Why do I feel as if this is directed at me?

  4. amaranthyne says:

    Had it been written as a m4w post, I would have had to ask my old boyfriend (SFU law student) if he had written it.