Barbarella Live!

I think that a live stage adaptation of Barbarella is relevant to my interests. It runs from Oct 22 - Nov 7. Who's in?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- September 2009 comes another Foul Play, the 2nd Attack of the Killer B-Movies, a trio of deadly B-movies at their biggest, baddest and most brilliant! Three classics, Blue Velvet, the Bride of Frankenstein and Barbarella, are brought to life by an intrepid acting ensemble and "streamlined" by Sean Owens (Best Comic Playwright, SF Weekly). The 2AOTKBM plays three nights a week for three weekends each -- and all three deftly handled by a fearless stable of actors. [...]

Last up on Oct 22, stand back because this woman needs her space! Five-Star Astro-Navigatrix BARBARELLA (Khamara Pettus) is on a mission to find and recover Duran Duran (Fennel Skellyman), creator of the abominable Positronic Ray. To track her quarry, she must penetrate the City of Night where the Great Black Queen (Gerri Lawlor) and her Leathermen hold power supreme. When space age skills fail her on this untamed world, she befriends the winged Pygar (Cameron Eng) and rebel leader Dildano (Eddie Barol) -- and finds that primitive man isn't so bad after all. Brought to life through the puppet/mask crafters Christina Shonkwiler and Philip Sebastian, the wig design of Jordan L. Moore, and the animations/videography of Jeremy Solterbeck, Barbarella is directed by Sean Owens and Cameron Eng.


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10 Responses:

  1. dr_memory says:

    Oh HELL yes.

  2. icedaemoness says:

    Yase please.
    I'll have to debate wearing my furry Barbarella costume... hmmmm.

  3. whittles says:

    Definitely tempted. That sounds awesome!

  4. netik says:

    I'm in, just tell me when you're goin.

  5. nelc says:

    I desperately want this production to come to the UK.

  6. otterley says:

    Only if we drink every time she changes her clothes or someone says "Duran Duran."

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