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DNA Lounge update, wherein we find out which bartender you are.

iRobot develops Shoggoth.

The good stuff starts at 1:50.

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Oh You Zany Scienticians.

Phase 1: Physicist makes joke.
Phase 2: NYT.
Phase 3: ...
Phase 4: Profit!
A pair of otherwise distinguished physicists have suggested that the hypothesized Higgs boson, which physicists hope to produce with the collider, might be so abhorrent to nature that its creation would ripple backward through time and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

Holger Bech Nielsen, of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and Masao Ninomiya of the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in Kyoto, Japan, put this idea forward in a series of papers with titles like "Test of Effect From Future in Large Hadron Collider: a Proposal" and "Search for Future Influence From LHC."