"This Perl not built to support threads"

Dear Lazyweb, any idea why I can't build the gd2 (bug 21098), ghostscript (bug 21111), or faac (bug 21112) MacPorts on 10.6? I get "This Perl not built to support threads" even after having cleaned and re-installed perl5, perl5.8 and perl5.10. Many other ports installed fine. I guess it's an "autoreconf" screw-up?
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3 Responses:

  1. scullin says:

    Did you install perl* with the +threads variant flag? Because it in fact isn't configured to support threads by default, and ports dependencies just aren't that smart.

    • Ch-bang, that's it. The native 10.6 perl supports threads, the MacPorts port requires the +threads variant. You'll be set then.

      • matt_trout says:

        Make the mac version install the threaded module. Let MacPorts do what it likes - you'll get a 20 or 30% faster interpreter for it, and the masters of the perl5 VM always work against a non-threaded version for exactly that reason.