The interwebs were supposed to be green on black.

The problem with having switched to NetNewsWire is that suddenly my feeds were all white-on-black instead of green-on-black as they were supposed to be. So I fixed that. Unzip jwz.nnwstyle and double-click it.

Clean-ups to my kludgy CSS would be appreciated. Making the header names and values line up in two columns was hard, given that the subject is a different font size. The "left:4.5em" versus "6em" is clearly wrong, and I couldn't figure out how to make it work using just H1 in template.html instead of <span class="newsItemH1">.

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4 Responses:

  1. wisn says:

    You're better off defining all the LEFT, PADDING and MARGIN values in pixels, and using point and em values purely for font scaling and spacing. Even if you get the em values for differently-scaled fonts working well enough to line everything up, it's going to break if the font definitions change (or the fonts are redrawn, which happens)

  2. j_b says:

    fyi - There are MacOS classic (^M) line endings on the .css file, Unix style (^J) on the other two files ...

  3. spikenheimer says:

    i like it!

    its my new favorite NNW style!