The click-thru agreement also pledges your child's delicious, delicious blood to Mammon.

Web-monitoring software gathers data on kid chats

Parents who install a leading brand of software to monitor their kids' online activities may be unwittingly allowing the company to read their children's chat messages -- and sell the marketing data gathered.

Software sold under the Sentry and FamilySafe brands can read private chats conducted through Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other services, and send back data on what kids are saying about such things as movies, music or video games. The information is then offered to businesses seeking ways to tailor their marketing messages to kids.

In June, EchoMetrix unveiled a separate data-mining service called Pulse that taps into the data gathered by Sentry software to give businesses a glimpse of youth chatter online. While other services read publicly available teen chatter, Pulse also can read private chats. It gathers information from instant messages, blogs, social networking sites, forums and chat rooms.

According to the agreement, the software passes along data to "trusted partners."

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6 Responses:

  1. latemodel says:

    I knew those internet predators stalking our kids were real.

  2. buz says:

    Forwarded by SentryLog

    A: u'r stoopid
    B: am not! UR stoop
    A: weenerface
    B: butmonkey!
    A: LOL

    "Joan! Get Cooper on the line! This is marketing GOLD!"

  3. luserspaz says:

    Clearly the next step is that it starts inserting relevant contextual ads into your kids' conversations.