Spain's Goth First Daughters Embarrass, Embarrassed By Dad

"Nice boots."        

Here's Barack and Michelle Obama with Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and his family. The State Department uploaded it to Flickr. (What an unlikely sentence!) Whoops -- no one in Spain has ever seen Zapatero's Goth daughters before!

According to Zapatero, Spanish law allows him to prevent the Spanish media from running any photographs of his 16 and 13-year-old daughters Laura and Alba. For their privacy, see. And because maybe it would be considered weird for the PM to have goth daughters, but it totally shouldn't be. It is a natural part of life, becoming a teenaged goth.


10 Responses:

  1. edlang says:

    Is the one with black hair showing a bit of leg?

  2. dasht says:

    What concerns me about these young women is their appalling posture. If it's just a goof for this shot, then fine (and kind of funny) - but if that's their ordinary stature they are headed for a world of hurt.

    Also, I hope (but doubt) they got a chance to hang out with the Obama kids for a while.


    • dmlaenker says:

      What concerns me about these young women is their appalling posture.

      This, especially with Goth Charo on the left.

      • genericvox says:

        They're not goth, they're wearing black because it's slimming... and they suffer from Scheuermann's kyphosis.

        Yessssssss... :)

    • carbonunit says:

      That's just the weight of the world on their shoulders.

      • dasht says:

        Yeah. I guess if I could speak to them directly it would be to try to convey that their general attitude and demeanor comes off just fine, for whatever it's worth, but for X's sake, please don't hurt yrself with the bent neck and the stooped shoulders. Save yr. strength. It's just painful to look at that way (but maybe that's their point but.... we get it... so please stop. Save your strength.)


  3. Also, the state department's photostream is kind of mesmerizing:

    I never really thought I'd want to be president (or first lady). Now I'm certain. They had to stand still for over 100 photos in that spot.

  4. elena says:


  5. phreddiva says:

    I think they just passed that no-photos law to buy time until the girls come out of their goth "phase" and learn to stand up straight.

  6. mavia says:

    It's got to be sooooo embarrassing when Mom insists on dressing in black too.