Extreme steel 'Velcro' takes a 35-tonne load

A square metre of the new fastener, called Metaklett, is capable of supporting 35 tonnes at temperatures up to 800 °C, claim Josef Mair and colleagues at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. And just like everyday Velcro it can be opened up without specialised tools and used again.

Conventional hook-and-loop fasteners are used for everything from bandages to cable boots in aircraft and securing prosthetic limbs. Mair thinks his spring-steel fastener is tough enough to be used for building facades or car assembly. "A car parked in direct sunlight can reach temperatures of 80 °C, and temperatures of several hundred °C can arise around the exhaust manifold," he says, but Metaklett should be able to shrug off such extremes.

The fastening is made from perforated steel strips 0.2 millimetres thick, one kind bristling with springy steel brushes and the other sporting jagged spikes.

Metaklett can support maximum weight when pulled on in the plane of the strips, and a square metre can hold a perpendicular load of 7 tonnes, says Mair.


5 Responses:

  1. ultranurd says:

    I wonder what kind of degradation can happen to the brushes over time... I guess you're probably not attaching and detaching multi-ton objects all that often, which usually is what causes problems for a strip of normal velcro.

    • niczar says:

      such as, say, stainless steel.

      • ultranurd says:

        That appears to be a fingertip in the left of the photo... I could easily imagine more and more of the little steel tabs getting bent out of place over time. Plus repeated heat stresses can sap strength from even the highest quality steel, eventually. I'm mostly curious about how long they rate it for holding up a given load.

  2. morrisa says:

    I bet it could also flay enemies of the state for years without requiring replacement.

    • Alas, it is spring steel, not stainless steel, and thus the inevitable bodily fluids would result in rapid rusting.

      Not that a little rust is a bad thing for one's implements of righteous correction.