Robots: A Clarification.

Exhibit A:
This is a Fine Robot.

Exhibit B:
This is a Stripper making Kissy-Face.

Robots should not make kissy-face.

Also that movie looks terrible.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your cooperation.

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22 Responses:

  1. dasht says:

    Please stop experimenting with your sexuality. It really creeps us out.

    (Keep up the good work.)

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    I like the fine robot.

  3. colubra says:

    Might I suggest different music?

  4. giles says:

    I heard it was like Die Hard on a blow up doll.

  5. lafinjack says:

    AKA duck face.

  6. edouardp says:

    Exhibit A is art, so is allowed a range of acceptable expressions (this image uses the "difficult to interpret" expression made so popular by artists for the last, uhh, 500 years).

    Exhibit B, on the other hand, is advertising, and so only allows the expressions "you, the viewer, are the funniest person alive" or "I want to sleep with you". And I don'y know if I can really blame it for going with the second.

    I'll have to check out the trailer - it doesn't have to work hard to better than the last 5 robot movies I've seen.

  7. they're clearly running out of ideas for scripts. right after that ad, i saw the trailer for 'jennifer's body' which is one big WTF.

  8. It looks like Kiln People, only without the plot.

  9. bifrosty2k says:

    It took me a while to figure out that it was actually a movie poster when I first saw it on the street. It looked stupid then, still does now.
    When will they learn...

  10. azul_ros says:

    Yes, but Robot A is in a typically stripper pose/position!

    • luserspaz says:

      I'm not sure at what point in our culture that all women under a certain age decided that was how you looked sexy in a photo. I think we need some re-education camps.

    • ajaxxx says:

      The ad at the bottom of that page is for "LipFactor Plus Lip Plumper", which promises me juicier, sexier lips, instantly. There is no irony in this.

  11. At least they didn't use Trajan.

  12. scottreyns says:

    yeh... robots not kissy face. pouty-pout maybe, but not kissy face.

  13. genericvox says:

    Yessiree, that thar is certainly one fine robot.

    *spits* 'Sides, I ain't never seen no robot make no kissin' face like that thar girl in my life. Back in my day them lady-bots usedta make a noise right before they eviscerated ya. Sure looked good doin' it too. Mmm hmm, looks just like the self-cleanin' service-bots they made for tourists and sailors, what got rid of every last brothel in town, right before the reckonin'... boy I tell ya, those were the days.