One from column A, one from column B.

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20 Responses:

  1. ammitbeast says:

    The bazooka chick is turning me on...

  2. maramala says:

    The Celes Victoria cosplayer needs to pad her boobs. Otherwise it's perfect--she's even got the crazy eyes going for her.

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    Further proof that we were lied to about The Future...

    Come on, it's almost 2010! Where's _my_ awesome floating hover-bucket and hot bazooka girl??? They're like 9-10 years overdue by now!

    And these food-pills taste like crap.

  4. mcity says:

    That second one looks like cosplay.

  5. hafnir says:

    Yeah, the first time I saw that hover platform thing (which was IRL at the aviation museum in San Carlos, not on the web), I was like "Why can't I take this home?!?!" Although I guess maybe they're not exactly the same, but close enough IMHO.

  6. nelc says:

    Just to be pedantic, it's an anti-materiel rifle, not a bazooka.