Oh, this is going to turn out well.

Cops clean up Tenderloin   [ it really says that! ]

A three-week sweep targeting Tenderloin drug dealers is the beginning of a tough-on-crime era dawning on the gritty neighborhood, authorities promised Wednesday.

"Let's get it really clear," San Francisco police Chief George Gascón said at a Tenderloin Station news conference. "We're not talking about a war on poor people or a war on the homeless. We're talking about a war on drugs and organized crime."

From Aug. 13 to Sept. 2, police arrested 302 people in the neighborhood. Most of the arrests were undercover narcotics stings, in which suspects sold crack-cocaine, heroin and prescription painkillers to police. Nearly half the people arrested were on felony parole or probation, police said. Dealers commuted to the open-air drug market from as far away as Stockton, Fresno and Santa Rosa.

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9 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    I've seen The Wire, I know how well busting the street dealers works.

  2. deyo says:

    Yay, we'll finally fill all those empty prison cells!

  3. scullin says:

    Man, I was just there, and I tell you, it was so clean -- you could eat off it.


    Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

    Gotta go.

  4. emeb says:

    Oh - you've got Gascón now. He used to be Chief here in Mesa AZ. It'll be interesting to see how he makes the transition from an ex-urb full of Mormons to SF.

  5. remaker says:

    That the new chief will look dimly upon a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals.

  6. 9-11! 9-11! 9-11! It's very Giuliani. Tho Guliani was effective. Manhattan was no fun anymore after Rudy got through with it. AT ALL. Good for families, though, I guess... That comic strip is the best.

  7. hoyhoy says:

    I walked right by what appeared to be a dealer getting busted by an undercover cop at 16th & Mission last night after watching 'American Casino' at the Roxie. IRONY!

  8. dasht says:

    I think the new chief is going to do well here. The benchmark for SFPD professionalism up until Fong was... well... it was San Francisco, let's just leave it there. It had strengths but some distinct weaknesses. The Tenderloin became a kind of de facto dumping ground of "as long as you stay there we won't bother you much". Fong reset the departmental tone a bit and disrupted some of the power structure and now he's there to bring in some more contemporary standards professionalism. Meanwhile, the hipsters have been struggling to gentrify that 'hood for years now so he's got that wind at his back....

    Wish I had some snark for humor sake but honestly I suspect the guy is going to do some good. In spite of the "war on drugs" rhetoric he overall seems fairly sane and respectable even from the perspective of the old-school SFPD elite types. A bit of a hard-ass and such but...

    Now, that does leave me wondering where to pick up a hella sexy tranny hooker and some rocks for an hour or two in a hotel with piss-scented bedding before heading back out to run the gauntlet of brothers who wanna hold a dollar but, geeze, that's what craigslist is for!


  9. herbie says:

    Seems like they're really into this. I was having dinner at Mason & Turk, and while we were there, two different people got arrested outside, and each time there were ~8 cops descending all at once.