let slip the baloons of doom

Power Restored After Castro Outage
PG&E officials said Mylar balloons triggered a power outage in San Francisco's Duboce Triangle neighborhood Tuesday night. The balloons hit overhead electric wires near Duboce Avenue and Market Street around 7:43 p.m., causing a surge in an underground power vault that shattered a manhole cover and plunged 2,900 houses and apartments into darkness.
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8 Responses:

  1. cfs_calif says:

    Kids, don't attempt Nena and Kraftwerk mashups on your own.

    • etfb says:

      Here I am, scrolling through old JWZ posts, and I click on the comments to this link expressly so I could make a Nena joke... and you've already done it. A month ago.

      I am so uncool.

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    huh huh.... "manhole."

  3. wisn says:

    If only there was a law requiring attaching LED lights to mylar balloons so that we could recognize them for what they are: tools of the terrorists.

  4. mhoye says:

    This should be a HOWTO.

  5. ritcey says:

    I could swear I read something about the US military dropping mylar strips to short-out the grid in Iraq(?) at the beginning of the war, but my google-fu is failing me.

  6. vokzal says:

    It is illegal to sell mylar balloons without a weight tied to them.

    They are also rather inert, and deflated ones make for great packing material.

    • strspn says:

      I refuse to buy first aid kids without a mylar blanket in them, even though I've never used a mylar blanket for first aid rather than entertainment purposes. Which are endless! Unless it was just a box of band-aids, you know.