Kindle Clock

Hey look, it's Dali Clock running on a Kindle.

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  1. vordark says:

    I have to know, what is your obsession with DaliClock? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great hack and if you're going to devote screen real estate to displaying a clock it might as well do something cool, but I'm seriously beginning to wonder if you shouldn't be putting the "perversions" tag on your posts about it.

    It just doesn't seem natural at this point. ;)

    • jwz says:

      At this point it is my "Hello World", basically.

      • obra says: it actually was for me with the Kindle's X server.

        It was the first thing (other than X11's standard grey background) that made the Kindle display. xmatrix was second.

        • jwz says:

          The thing that bums me out, with all 2½ of the phone ports of it, is that there's no way to make it be practical as a clock on a phone. Like, have it be the clock you see when the phone is locked. It's kinda useless, really. But, nostalgia.

          • cdavies says:

            That was my aim for the S60 port, make it a screensaver plugin. The problem is that a clock that ticks seconds on a screensaver tends to keep the processor at higher power levels and hence canes the battery. Its cute and all, but having to recharge every day is a bit of a pain.

  2. lionsphil says:

    Wow. Jerky as it is, I'm impressed the eInk can keep up to handle animation.

  3. luserspaz says:

    The low refresh rate sort of makes it look like the device is just unreliable. Instead of the neat melting effect, you get "solid number, garbage frame, solid number".