Helpless in the face of French-influenced lesbian pedophilia.

Teacher jailed for sex with pupil

eliza "Their relationship became sexual and during their five-month affair the two spent a weekend in Paris, during which they attended the Gay Pride March, and nights at Goddard's home."
It's already a classy french film.
Imagine for a minute you're a 16-year-old musical child prodigy.
And that woman is your jazz teacher.
jwz I'm working on that.
eliza How do you NOT seduce her and take her to gay pride in Paris??
jwz I'm getting a lot of soft-focus. It's hard to see.
eliza Right, like someone smeared Vaseline on the lens of your life.
  These people were pawns.
Helpless against the forces of romance.
jwz "Police found several sex toys during a search of Goddard's home after her arrest."
  Let's not forget that.
eliza I know, it annoyed me that the BBC included that.
Let's think about it.
Very, very hard.
I'll bet they were very classy sex toys, too. Tasteful. French.
eliza In nice colors.
  And only the best lube.
jwz Right! No giant pink cocks. Glass, art gallery stuff. Dildos that could pass for statuary.
eliza the COCKS series by Dave Chilhuly.
jwz Exactly.


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  1. dasht says:

    Been there. Done that. (Student side.) Teacher likely deserves every negative consequence she gets, here and perhaps more - porn imaginings aside.

    The concept of "consent" in such a relationship of differential power and experience is highly problematic. I'm not sure consent can exist in many of such cases, as schematically described here. I doubt it *never* exists but probably about "five nines" of the time it doesn't legitimately involve consent no matter who says what and no matter how each party is feeling at a particular moment.

    It does, as jwz suggests, make for hot porn imaginings. In my experience, and from what I understand of the experience of many like me, the victim here had similar porn imaginings - perhaps still has - but if they return to any semblance of normality will, in a few years, feel well and truly raped.

    Sorry to be heavy rather than snarky. It's one of my pet peeves. You can imagine why, but please think twice before getting off to it too heavily. Or making lame eliza jokes.


    • jwz says:

      Bitches don't know 'bout my expert systems.

    • ciphergoth says:

      probably about "five nines" of the time

      If your yardstick here is what the student would say as an adult, or indeed any measurable consequence, then no way are you going to get five nines. I'd be surprised if it's as high as 99%.

    • tkil says:

      On the other hand, kids as young as 12 are regularly being asked to make choices that will affect the rest of their lives. (Heck, if you plan on spending an hour a day having sex, vs 8 hours a day working -- is your career health more important than your sexual health?)

      In some fields, e.g., elite athletics, those choices almost have to be made by the parents, and those choices shape entire lives (both performance track and physiology; witness gymnasts getting arthritis in their 20s).

      My personal experience? Graduating high school at 16, hence having to make choices that would impact my entire life. I survived.

      I do believe that there is a gradual increase in competency to make these decisions through the teen years; unfortunately, that gradient isn't the same for everyone (having met 13yos that could make better judgement calls than many twenty-somethings).

      The sex issue is amplified by the nearly-universal tradition of regarding women as property, and primogeniture in many cultures. In the USA, it's even harder to discuss, given our puritanical roots. I personally think that, in many cases, more damage is done by overzealous protective reactions than by the original transgression. (If a toddler falls down, and everyone panics, the toddler will freak out and panic as well; if everyone reacts, but simply to assure and avoid repeat accidents, the toddler is more likely to move on without melting down.)

      Just today I was reminded of the excellent book Harmful to Minors; highly recommended.

    • remonstrare says:

      I missed the part where Vili Fualaau realised, after 4 years of being married to her, having had 2 kids by her, and having been sleeping with her for the past 12 years, that he had been "well and truly raped" by Mary Kay Latourneau. Perhaps you could explain it to me.

      • dasht says:

        Let's see - a 26 year old with two kids trying to pimp out his scandalous past in order to become a famous DJ since his career as a tatoo artist didn't work out? With a DUI record? Living mainly off residual rights from optioning off footage and their story?

        Yeah, that's going to end well.

        And you do realize that most rapes are acquaintance or spousal rapes and that many if not most of those do not lead quickly to the dissolution of the relationship?

        And you do realize his and her financial stake here?

        His "realization" here has little to do with how he feels and how he feels is pretty well illustrated by what he's doing. He feels entitled to compensation and attention. He feels entitled to have her and his experience as a commercial asset.

        Talk to me again, in 10 years, about what he realizes and is willing to say out loud.


  2. elfs says:

    Thanks for mentioning Chilhuly. We're a little embarassed by him out here where he lives-- his stuff is freaking everywhere-- but it's nice to know that he's actually known outside of our little PNW ghetto.

    • gfish says:

      I was introduced to him through the Almost Live parodies shortly after moving to Seattle. I still struggle to take him seriously, even though I know how unfair that is.

  3. pfrank says:

    A clever editor could probably splice together the movie version of this story from existing Catherine Deneuve movies.

  4. mordant says:

    i would love to post this to metaquotes....?

  5. heresiarch says:

    i was fine with this story till the end. tmi, kids.

  6. thargol says:

    Of course, they can now simply wait a few months until she turns 16 and then carry on the relationship legally. I somehow suspect the parents will go out of their way to prevent that, though...

    • fnivramd says:

      Not exactly, in the UK there's a rule about the "position of trust". Basically, anyone that people would think of as "looking after" minors (under 18s) isn't allowed to fuck them. No matter that it's ordinarily legal to have sex at 16 in England, if you want to fuck a pupil, patient, employee, etc. then you need to wait till they're at least 18 or you may end up in prison.

      Of course Goddard will likely never work again as a teacher, so this won't matter for her now. But it was never about just waiting a few months.

  7. lushlush says:


    It already is a classy French film.

    • gths says:

      I actually watched this last week on the telly. Kind of icky. Plus at least the two subjects were legal, just fucked up.

  8. danlyke says:

    In a statement, the mother said that it was first thought that Goddard's influence was good. "She appeared to be thriving and happy for the first time in a very long time," she said. "I felt that the allegations were a vicious rumour and I couldn't believe any teacher at the school could do such a thing."

    Note to parents: If your teenager is happy, something is very very hot wrong.

  9. unwoman says:

    I wonder, can Jodie Foster do a French accent?

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