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  1. berry_k says:

    Did you know that the guy with the "TV Glasses" is Hugo Gernsback, father of Science Fiction?

  2. porphyre says:

    Hugo Gernsback! Love that guy!

  3. taskboy3000 says:

    Color me jealous. I have Foghat on my iPod.

  4. giles says:

    In 30 years that'll be a family playing Guitar Hero and a guy with some kind of Bluetooth contraption on his head.

    Of course, there'll be no internet for jwz (or his head in a jar) to post it on. Once the politicians find out what net neutrality means, it'll be 300 baud BBS time. Crazed post-apocalyptic Australian punks building fortresses out of server farms. And pornography made of paper.

  5. tekubidome says:


  6. gths says:

    I hope the Foghat game was better than ET.

  7. autodidactic says:

    The daughter is clearly embarrassed over Dad's exuberance. Some things don't change.

  8. neonscribe says:

    TV glasses -- real.
    Atari 8-track double-ender -- fake.

    Foghat Live was released in May 1977. The Atari VCS first shipped in October 1977. It was not called the Atari 2600 until 1982 when the Atari 5200 was released. By that time the 8-track was almost extinct. Here's the double-ender in context: http://www.vgg.com/2600/inter8tracks.html