Dramatic readings of twits.

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  1. rane500 says:

    Things like this bring my favorite quote to mind:

    This brought tears to my eyes...


  2. spendocrat says:


    • jwz says:

      That really bothered me too. I blame MICROS~1.

    • fnivramd says:

      Worse, if you point out to someone who does it that there are in fact forward and backslash symbols and they're different, they look at you like you're some kind of Martian, they don't care so why should anyone else, right?

      In (older versions of?) IE (and numerous other Microsoft products) you really can just type the wrong symbol and it'll work. If you look real hard some of the web's inexhaustible supply of web sites about people's cats and children have links that don't work (unless you have IE) for this reason.

      On the other hand, none of the people who use ` as an apostrophe get to point and laugh - what the hell is wrong with you people?

      • skreidle says:

        Bugs the shit out of me when they say "backslash" in URLs on radio ads. Seriously? It's the wrong character, and it's twice as along a word!

  3. netsharc says:

    It was okay until it got to the credits. The Washington Post? Home of Bernstein and Woodward? Wait, former home. Now it's just that and calling Hillary a bitch.

    I can haz serious journalism now?