dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein the ABC chilling effect proceeds apace, and also photos.

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  1. tkil says:

    Not that it makes you feel any better, but they (or their henchmen) are on the march in San Diego, as well.

    I used to live in Ocean Beach down there, and the family went for a vacation the first week in August. They used to come out to visit me 3-4 years ago, and it was no big deal to take the whole family into bar-and-grille places (one of them stopped admitting minors at 5p, but that was the only glitch).

    This visit? Neither would let minors in at all. I asked one place about it, and they said it was due to increased vice squad enforcement. Whether or not that's directly linked to the puritanical ABC, I don't know, but it sounds awfully similar to your woes up in San Francisco.

    Either way, it cost those businesses at least 100$ in revenue each, and it will probably cost San Diego any possible repeat the 4000+$ that we spent there that week -- because, as much as I love the town, I don't want to go back there if my family can't enjoy the places we used to.

    (Not to mention that the net effect of this vice enforcement seems to have turned the last kid-friendly beach town down there into yet another post-college drunkard's alley -- a damned shame, and all in just a few years.)

  2. latemodel says:

    There is a simple answer to your problem: instead of requiring your customers to put on pants, institute a strict no-pants policy. It won't make Folsom any more wholesome, but it will keep the ABC agents out of your club.

  3. holywar says:

    I hope you're planning on putting up a large sign explaining exactly WHY you're closed that day.

  4. artkiver says:

    I noticed last night too seems like "finish your drink" demands were a bit more noticeable as a friend got a reminder with 20 minutes before 2 and was eyeballed while she downed the drink with 5 minutes before 2 (which is generally just one of the most awkward things for everyone involved). I rarely drink, but I don't recall witness this kind of security demand until last night. I'm guessing the shift was due to worries about ABC reps patrolling things who don't use accurate watches (not that ntp or atomic clocks would likely help given the dicks they've been)? Bummer regardless. ;-/

    • jwz says:

      It is a constant battle to get the staff to be polite. You have no idea. Can you describe the person you dealt with?