bridge surgery

What they're doing this weekend:

Is there a photo-blog of the bridge construction? It seems like (here in The Future) there ought to be someone on the work crew with a camera, but I haven't come across it yet. I want to see the mega-engineering porn.

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  1. hepkitten says:

    i am trying to get access again from my dad. he was shop steward on the temp span job until a couple months ago, and a bunch of my cousins and uncles are still out there.

  2. yan_1976 says:

    i bet they will use a lot of velcro and tie-wraps:)

  3. urlgirl says:

    Here, you can have some engineering porn from the Washington State DOT:

    Cal DOT District 4 seems to have a photography group, but nothing like a Flickr stream that I could find quickly.

  4. dasht says:

    If you get up early enough -- George Raskin and crew on KRON-4 TV are pretty on top of this story and Raskin is a serious traffic and highway-infrastructure engineering fanboy / geek so he turns up interesting pictures and vids and gets good interviews. Have you seen the mega-sized C-clamps they are using to *try* to make sure the sections of the west span adjacent to what they're cutting out won't fall down? It was on TV. I don't even have a car and I still like Raskin's highway reports for sheer geek value.


  5. ultranurd says:

    I first read this as "bride surgery" and wondered what disturbing new fetish you had discovered.

    It's often quite impressive the lengths they go to to keep a route open during complete-replacement construction. I guess no one wants to imagine the detours required for a complete closure; on the other hand, when the issue is forced (as in Minneapolis), the new bridge certainly can get funded and built quickly.

    • dasht says:

      There's a tiny chance - not even close to a likelihood (per authoritative accounts, at least) that when they cut out and remove the old section of the west span... the adjacent segments collapse and the bridge is out for 1-2 *years*. Neat stuff.


  6. perligata says:

    There's a DVD called Extreme Engineering: Oakland Bay Bridge which might interest you. I saw it a while ago -- maybe a year or more? -- so I can't exactly remember how intensive the "engineering" part is, but I remember enjoying it.

  7. pmb7777 says:

    Discovery Channel is filming in HD for all their usual engineering porn shows. They've already done at least one show about the new concrete causeway.

  8. drbrain says:

    Washington State DOT has a flickr account with stuff like ferry construction and the Hood Canal Bridge installation.

    Should satisfy some of your mega-engineering porn cravings.

  9. jkonrath says: is my Jesus as of late. Looks like the old section has been sliced and slid. No wormholes, atmospheric ignition, or rapture.

    I can see the bay bridge from my new place in Oakland, and with binoculars, I can just barely see the new tie-in from the side, but I'm on the wrong side to see the cut section.

    I have been seeing a lot of other weird stuff in the water from this side. We're just across from Port 7, which is where Left Coast Lifter is currently living, (mega-engineering porn:

    The weirdest part is seeing no cars on the Bay Bridge today.