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September 29th 2009

Friday 9/11/09 8:35AM 1546 Market St.: Officer Woo was standing on Market St at Franklin dealing with transient related call when he observed the suspect being chased by an woman. The woman saw Officer Woo and yelled "help, help she just stole ice cream from my store." Officer Woo detained the suspect and recovered the stolen ice cream. The victim stated the suspect entered her store and opened a bag of chips and started eating them. The victim told her to stop it. The suspect refused, took off her shoe and hit the victim over the head. The suspect then went into the freezer, stole the ice cream and ran. The suspect was booked at County Jail 9.

Saturday 9/12/09 12:09 AM 1155 Market St.: Officer Forneris and Officer Madrid were on patrol when they were dispatched to a call of a person who was assaulted with a cane. Officer Cronin and Officer O'Keeffe arrived on scene and detained the suspect. The Officers spoke to the victim who stated the suspect beat her multiple times on her head and back with his cane. The victim stated the suspect just kept yelling that his girlfriend told him to beat her up. The suspect was booked at County Jail 9.

Sunday 9/13/09 11:29 PM 563 Natoma St.: Officer Gunter and Officer Tack were responding to a call of a burglary. Upon their arrival, Officer Forneris and Officer Madrid had the suspect detained with the assistance of Sgt. Frazer and Officer Glynn. The suspect had taken off the security gate and was crouched down by the front door of the residence. When the suspect saw the Officers he tried to pull his hood over his head to hide. But that didn't work!! When Officer Cronin and Officer Tack made contact with the residents they stated that they were sleeping when they heard a loud bang. The suspect was trying to kick open the door. Both victims were terrified for their life. The suspect had numerous prior arrests for violence and theft. The suspect was booked at County Jail 9.

Tuesday 9/15/09 11:05 PM 479 Natoma St.: Officer Pedroza, Officer Frost, Sgt. Christ and Sgt. Bragagnolo were working plain clothes in the area. The Officers and Sergeants were walking east on Natoma St. when they observed a hand to hand narcotics transaction. When the two suspects saw the Officers they both tried to throw their rocks of cocaine they had. One of the suspects even tried to throw the cocaine down a storm drain. HOWEVER, Sgt. Bragagnolo was smarter then the suspect!! Sgt. Bragagnolo got a rake handle, put a piece of chewing gum on the tip of the handle and was able to recover the one piece of rock cocaine that fell down the gutter! GOOD McGyver work Sgt. Bragagnolo! All in all the Officers/Sergeants recovered nine pieces of rock cocaine. Both of the suspects were booked at County Jail 9.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein GAMH gets some good news, but not as good as it sounds.

The good news is that ABC has dismissed their case against the Great American Music Hall! However, this headline, while hiliarious, is a bit misleading: "San Francisco Nightclub Beats the War on Fun".

ABC's press release (PDF) about the dismissal says this:

An Administrative Law Judge has recommended dismissal of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) disciplinary action against the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco for changing its operation without obtaining approval from the ABC.

The Administrative Law Judge held that while Great American Music Hall had in fact changed its operation, the regulation relied upon by the ABC was ambiguous. While ABC does not agree with the Administrative Law Judge's ruling, and has not accepted the proposed decision, it has decided to dismiss the action against the Great American Music Hall. This decision does not necessarily affect any other pending cases.

To address the issues raised by the Administrative Law Judge, ABC will engage in the rulemaking process through the State Office of Administrative Law in order to clarify the regulation.

What this says is, "We intend to go make up a new rule, then turn right around and come after GAMH again. And we're still going to continue attacking the other clubs, because maybe whatever judge we get on those cases will let us get away with it anyway."

So please, don't let anyone tell you that the fight is over, or that GAMH (or any of us) are out of the woods. GAMH fought ABC to a standstill in this skirmish, but the War on Fun continues apace.

Keep the pressure on! Don't think this is over.

In case you've forgotten, ABC's accusation against GAMH is that they don't serve enough food. An important detail here is that, unlike some other venues, GAMH's liquor license does not include any particular food sales requirement. ABC would like to hold every under-21 nightclub to the standard that you have to make 50% of your revenue from food sales.


I, for one, welcome our new robotic pancake-sorting overlords.

Greatest hits from the voiceover:

"Using robotic technology to transform the production of pancakes"

"Then operators manually check the pancakes for consistency"

"The pancakes are then fed into the robotic enclosure"

"Integrated with the PickMaster software are four gigabit ethernet cameras mounted in front of each robot, and used to locate each pancake's position on the conveyor."

"Speaking about the Final Solution... Director of Honeytop Specialty Foods Limited said... despite some apprehension... the robots have enabled us to absorb a number of overheads, thanks to reduced labor costs and improved productivity."

I think I can read between the lines to understand how this robotic "Final Solution" can "absorb overheads" and "reduce labor costs".

But here's what I don't understand: there is a company who sell pre-made stacks of pancakes? That's something that is done? Who would want this? I am disgusted.

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Exclusively at Tape Barn

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What's worse than a Bus Plunge...?

...why, a bus plunge WITH BEES.

A teenager died and more than 20 people were injured when swarms of bees escaped from their hives after the van transporting them crashed into a lorry and overturned on a motorway near the resort of Marmaris, in southern Turkey.

Previously, previously, previously.

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