RSS of protected LJ friends?

Dear Lazyweb (and brad),

How do I get an RSS feed of my LJ friends that includes friends-only posts?

This method does not include friends-only posts, even when you add &checkcookies=1. The &filter parameter doesn't appear to do anything, either.

There doesn't appear to be any way in the LJ protocol to do this either. I'm about to resort to screen-scraping the HTML.

Update: alierak has the goods: First do this thing, then run his script to generate the feed locally. Yes, this is stupidly complicated and kludgy, but it's working for me.

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mark your calendars

Fri, Sep 25:   Mortified 
Sat, Sep 26:   Mortified 
Tue, Sep 29:   Sian Alice Group @ Hemlock 
Wed, Sep 30:   Ladyhawke @ Fillmore 
Thu, Oct 01:   Say Hi To Your Mom @ Independent 
Sun, Oct 04:   New Model Army @ DNA Lounge 
Mon, Oct 05:   Fever Ray @ Regency 
Fri, Oct 09:   The Raincoats / Section 25 / Gang of 4 DJ set @ Mezzanine 
Fri, Oct 09:   The Lucky Road @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Oct 16:   The Phenomenauts @ DNA Lounge 
Sat, Oct 17:   A Place to Bury Strangers @ Independent 
Sun, Oct 18:   La Roux @ GAMH 
Thu, Oct 22:   Dragonette @ 330 Ritch 
Sat, Oct 24:   The Sounds @ Warfield 
Fri, Oct 30:   All Hallow's Eve @ DNA Lounge 
Wed, Nov 04:   Puscifer @ Fox Theater 
Fri, Nov 06:   Devo perform "Are We Not Men?" @ Regency 
Sat, Nov 07:   Devo perform "Freedom of Choice" @ Regency 
Sun, Nov 08:   Pixies perform "Doolittle" @ Fox Theater 
Mon, Nov 09:   Pixies perform "Doolittle" @ Fox Theater 
Thu, Nov 19:   Royksopp @ Regency
Tue, Nov 24:   GWAR @ Regency 
Fri, Nov 27:   Simian Mobile Disco @ Mezzanine 
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The interwebs were supposed to be green on black.

The problem with having switched to NetNewsWire is that suddenly my feeds were all white-on-black instead of green-on-black as they were supposed to be. So I fixed that. Unzip jwz.nnwstyle and double-click it.

Clean-ups to my kludgy CSS would be appreciated. Making the header names and values line up in two columns was hard, given that the subject is a different font size. The "left:4.5em" versus "6em" is clearly wrong, and I couldn't figure out how to make it work using just H1 in template.html instead of <span class="newsItemH1">.

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