DNA Lounge: Wherein the ABC chilling effect proceeds apace.

So, Folsom Street Fair is on Sunday, and DNA Lounge will be closed that day. Why, you ask? Well, because the well-known ABC shenanigans mean that we will no doubt be under more intense scrutiny than any of the other thirteen blocks and four hundred thousand people of the fair, and would be placed in the odd position of having conversations like this all day long:

"I'm sorry, Sir. You are perfectly welcome to stand in the middle of the street in front of the club, with a cup of beer in your hand and your cock hanging out, but before you come into our nightclub, you'll have to pour out your beer and put some pants on."

So, fuck it, we're just going to be closed. It's not worth having an argument with every single customer, and yet still risking getting another bullshit "lewdness" citation despite our best efforts. We had a number of promoters wanting to do lucrative events here that day, but thanks to the meddling of those homophobic prohibitionists from Sacramento whom we like to call the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, we'll be leaving money on the table in a way that no other business located within range of the Folsom Street Fair would even consider.

Thanks, ABC. Thanks ever so much.

In other news, some photos are up of Meat and of Hubba Hubba Revue: Apocalypse, which was also Hubba's third anniversary!


Helpless in the face of French-influenced lesbian pedophilia.

Teacher jailed for sex with pupil

eliza "Their relationship became sexual and during their five-month affair the two spent a weekend in Paris, during which they attended the Gay Pride March, and nights at Goddard's home."
It's already a classy french film.
Imagine for a minute you're a 16-year-old musical child prodigy.
And that woman is your jazz teacher.
jwz I'm working on that.
eliza How do you NOT seduce her and take her to gay pride in Paris??
jwz I'm getting a lot of soft-focus. It's hard to see.
eliza Right, like someone smeared Vaseline on the lens of your life.
  These people were pawns.
Helpless against the forces of romance.
jwz "Police found several sex toys during a search of Goddard's home after her arrest."
  Let's not forget that.
eliza I know, it annoyed me that the BBC included that.
Let's think about it.
Very, very hard.
I'll bet they were very classy sex toys, too. Tasteful. French.
eliza In nice colors.
  And only the best lube.
jwz Right! No giant pink cocks. Glass, art gallery stuff. Dildos that could pass for statuary.
eliza the COCKS series by Dave Chilhuly.
jwz Exactly.


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