just for the halibut

A dead salmon perceiving humans can tell their emotional state.

One mature Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) participated in the fMRI study. The salmon was approximately 18 inches long, weighed 3.8 lbs, and was not alive at the time of scanning.

Task. The task administered to the salmon involved completing an open-ended mentalizing task. The salmon was shown a series of photographs depicting human individuals in social situations with a specified emotional valence. The salmon was asked to determine what emotion the individual in the photo must have been experiencing.

Design. Stimuli were presented in a block design with each photo presented for 10 seconds followed by 12 seconds of rest. A total of 15 photos were displayed. Total scan time was 5.5 minutes.


The Future is a Strange Place.

Words I never expected to type into Google: "sex gen cuddle rug".

Raising the stakes on a two-year-old intellectual property controversy in Second Life, a popular seller of online adult novelties filed a federal copyright- and trademark-infringement lawsuit against Linden Lab this week. The suit claims that Linden looks the other way, while virtual residents rip off the SexGen product line, which includes specially programmed beds, rugs, sofas and even a coffin that enable consenting avatars to engage in virtual sex acts.

Attorneys for Eros LLC founder Kevin Alderman wrote: "Those merchants who sell cheap, imitation knockoffs bearing the SexGen mark harm Eros by causing further confusion among consumers when the products they purchased do not function in the ways they expect SexGen products to function."

For its part, Linden Lab makes money by charging a modest membership fee, running a currency exchange between Linden bucks and real U.S. dollars, and selling and taxing virtual real estate -- all of which is tainted by profits from the pirated material, the lawsuit claims.

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