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Eliza: You're in your apartment, walking to the kitchen to get a snack, when all of a sudden you look down...
Optical: What one?
Eliza: What?
Optical: What snack?
Eliza: It doesn't make any difference what snack, it's completely hypothetical.
Optical: But, how come I'm hungry?
Eliza: Maybe you just got up. Maybe you want to eat by yourself. Who knows? You look down and see a Boston terrier puppy, Optical. It's walking toward you...
Optical: Boston terrier? What's that?
Eliza: You know what a French bulldog is?
Optical: Of course!
Eliza: Same thing.
Optical: I've never seen a French bulldog... But I understand what you mean.
Eliza: You reach down and you flip the puppy over on its back, Optical.
Optical: Do you make up these questions, Mr. Gauger? Or do they write `em down for you?
Eliza: The puppy wobbles on its back, its belly chilling in the AC, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping.
Optical: What do you mean, I'm not helping?
Eliza: I mean: you're not helping! Why is that, Optical?
Eliza: They're just questions, Optical. In answer to your query, they're written down for me. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response... Shall we continue?
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The selective pressure of magical thinking is strong. Oh wait.

Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'

Creation, starring Paul Bettany, details Darwin's "struggle between faith and reason" as he wrote On The Origin of Species. It depicts him as a man who loses faith in God following the death of his beloved 10-year-old daughter, Annie.

The film was chosen to open the Toronto Film Festival and has its British premiere on Sunday. It has been sold in almost every territory around the world, from Australia to Scandinavia.

However, US distributors have resolutely passed on a film which will prove hugely divisive in a country where, according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution.

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