some bay bridge construction time lapse videos

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let slip the baloons of doom

Power Restored After Castro Outage
PG&E officials said Mylar balloons triggered a power outage in San Francisco's Duboce Triangle neighborhood Tuesday night. The balloons hit overhead electric wires near Duboce Avenue and Market Street around 7:43 p.m., causing a surge in an underground power vault that shattered a manhole cover and plunged 2,900 houses and apartments into darkness.
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DNA Lounge: Wherein a DNA Lounge book is published!

John Adams has published a book of his concert photography at DNA Lounge! You can order it online here: A Disorderly House: DNA Lounge 2004-2009.

About The Book

For more than five years, John Adams has photographed events at the DNA Lounge, chronicling many national and local acts such as Green Day, New Model Army, The Birthday Massacre, and Halou.

Over 150 full color photos from 70 events fill this book, which contains a behind the scenes look at the flier creation process of R. Black, a special backstage section, and coverage of the Hubba Hubba review burlesque show.

Proceeds from this book's sales go towards the DNA Lounge Legal Defense Fund. The California Alcoholic Beverage Control is trying to shut down the DNA Lounge for what they call "lewd behavior" at Gay and Lesbian nights.

You can also donate to the DNA Legal defense fund here:

He published it using Blurb, a print-on-demand service. We will have a few copies of it available for purchase at coat check eventually, but they haven't arrived yet.


webcast providers

Dear Lazyweb,

Any opinions on whether or has the higher quality video? Or is that a stupid question, since they both use the video broadcasting stuff built into the Flash plugin and are therefore identical?

I'm currently using for the DNA webcasts, but I was wondering whether would result in marginally-less-crappy quality.

(I have heard rumors of Windows-only software that results in higher quality Flash video streaming. Obviously this is of no use to me. It has to be MacOS 10.5, Intel, and no, I'm not running Windows on my Mac.)

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