XScreenSaver 5.10 out now

XScreenSaver 5.10 is out now. I think I have fixed the color and crashing problems on MacOS 10.6.

I'm still curious to hear from someone who has tried to run this on 10.4 PPC.

Let me know how it works...

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The click-thru agreement also pledges your child's delicious, delicious blood to Mammon.

Web-monitoring software gathers data on kid chats

Parents who install a leading brand of software to monitor their kids' online activities may be unwittingly allowing the company to read their children's chat messages -- and sell the marketing data gathered.

Software sold under the Sentry and FamilySafe brands can read private chats conducted through Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other services, and send back data on what kids are saying about such things as movies, music or video games. The information is then offered to businesses seeking ways to tailor their marketing messages to kids.

In June, EchoMetrix unveiled a separate data-mining service called Pulse that taps into the data gathered by Sentry software to give businesses a glimpse of youth chatter online. While other services read publicly available teen chatter, Pulse also can read private chats. It gathers information from instant messages, blogs, social networking sites, forums and chat rooms.

According to the agreement, the software passes along data to "trusted partners."

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This will end well.

Man charged in Spring girl's death wants commenters' IDs

A lawyer for Lucas Coe, charged in the death of 4-year-old Emma Thompson, has asked several local media outlets to provide the names of readers and listeners who commented about his client online.

Bert Steinmann, The Woodlands-based attorney for Coe, said he was struck by the conclusions people drew about his client and the specificity of some comments that made it appear they came from people with personal knowledge of the case.

Coe, 27, and his girlfriend Abigail Young, 33, were charged after Young's daughter Emma died June 27 of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen. In June, Young took her daughter to the emergency room after the child stopped breathing. Coe is in custody, and Young is out on bail. Both are charged with injury to a child.

Steinmann said he's sent subpoenas to media including The Houston Chronicle, the Conroe Courier, KHOU (Channel 11) and KTRK (Channel 13).

Those who comment generally use pseudonyms, and the lawyer has asked for identifying information on about 300 of them.

The lawyer said most of the media outlets have already moved to quash the subpoenas.

"In our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, we alert chron.com users that their names may be disclosed in response to litigation," said Jeff Cohen, editor of the Chronicle. "However, in this case we are notifying the users in question so they can make objections if they so choose."

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Sawdust, now with added calcium.

Industry-Backed Label Calls Sugary Cereal a 'Smart Choice'

A new food-labeling campaign called Smart Choices, backed by most of the nation's largest food manufacturers, is "designed to help shoppers easily identify smarter food and beverage choices."

The green checkmark label that is starting to show up on store shelves will appear on hundreds of packages, including -- to the surprise of many nutritionists -- sugar-laden cereals like Cocoa Krispies and Froot Loops. [...]

Dr. Kennedy, who is not paid for her work on the program, defended the products endorsed by the program, including sweet cereals. She said Froot Loops was better than other things parents could choose for their children. "You're rushing around, you're trying to think about healthy eating for your kids and you have a choice between a doughnut and a cereal," Dr. Kennedy said, evoking a hypothetical parent in the supermarket. "So Froot Loops is a better choice." [...]

Despite federal guidelines favoring whole grains, the criteria allow breads made with no whole grains to get the seal if they have added nutrients. "You could start out with some sawdust, add calcium or Vitamin A and meet the criteria," Mr. Jacobson said.

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Dear Bitch Ass Tagger

Mission Mission reports:

See, the source of this is ironic, because the douchebag behind the Mission Mission blog is an unrepentant fan of bitch-ass taggers. That last link is especially fine, because in it he claims that Bender's is his "favorite bar", and yet, he seems pleased that they had to spend a couple hundred bucks replacing a window because some shitfuck etched their glass. But, you know, a small bar like Bender's is The Man, and made of money and can't stand in the way of street art, dude, right?

And yet, he calls the tag on Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper's hand-painted sign "vandalism". Apparently his flexible morality only considers it "vandalism" if someone demonstrates their fine, fine penmanship by scrawling their fancy pirate name over a surface that already had paint on it.

I'll bet he also has a favorite arsonist, and a favorite bicycle thief. But only if they don't steal fixies, because that would be wrong.

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