Yelp reviewer Chris T. from Gilroy really wants you to know that he is NOT GAY. TOTALLY NOT GAY.

Chris T.'s Review of DNA Lounge

Went on Saturday night for a straight friend's birthday for the Bootie SF event here. $6 before 10PM, $12 after 10PM. We paid $12.

No one sent me the memo that even though this club is in SOMA, it's pretty much half gay (thought all those venues were reserved for The Castro). So we ended up seeing half naked gay guys with no shirts on making out with each other and licking each others nipples on the dance floor. Hopefully I don't have too many nightmares from this night or have this night contribute to any future psychotherapist bills.

But yeah, had 1 unisex bathroom upstairs, and a guy and girl bathroom downstairs. 1 bar downstairs, 2 bars upstairs. All bars were cash only I believe.

And I thought it was kinda funny that my friend's reserved table section upstairs was located next to a bunch of 6' tall gay bald white biker guys.

Music for the night consisted of 80s music, mash-up, electro, and a live band.

Not really my type of crowd, but was an interesting experience.

Too bad I didn't get to taste the hype of that Crepe place (food truck) across the street from here that everyone kept talking about (Crepes A Go Go).

This place is also located within walking distance to Holy Cow, Slim's, Club Icon, Mist (formerly Loft 11), and some other spots.

Thought it was funny that when I was smoking outside I saw one of my friend's gay guy friends get carried out the club by the bouncers for being too damn drunk.

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3½ inches is enough

Apparently this is video of a demo running on an 8mHz Mac Classic. It is 414 KB and written in assembly. Which is awesome.

I downloaded it and tried to get it running in Mini vMac, but after spending some time down the surprisingly-familiar rathole of trying to figure out how in the world I transfer a runnable version of StuffIt into the emulated world, I gave up. If anyone manages to produce a .dsk image that has the executable demo on it, I'd love to see it.

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