Please enjoy (what has been retconned to be) jwz mixtape 078.

Have Safari, Flash and/or the Youtube player gotten screwed up recently? I'm getting a lot more Safari hypno-wheels while it is trying to embed Youtube lately, and often have stuttery playback even when the video is fully buffered.

And a special thank you to the uploaders of videos that I didn't include here because all of the copies on Youtube disable embedding. I'm not going to tell you what they are, because apparently their record labels would rather that you not know about them at all.

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  1. jered says:

    I'll make up for my lack of feedback on the mixtapes: Storm Large was awesome, I would like to UN-SEE (and mostly un-hear) the drum'n'bass yiff-fest, the Wailers were ok, but they're no HorrorPops -- or better video, worse song), I really want to hate "I Like That" but I'm failing despite my best efforts, and I just have no idea what to make of Tiny Masters of Today -- it's a bit too bloghouse for me.

  2. baconmonkey says:

    The furrie graffiti menace continues elsewhere.

    • jwz says:

      Prodigy are just fucking awful, and always have been.

      Even before they became a retro parody of themselves.

  3. fatherbingo says:

    Here's one you may have missed. Puppets singing about the herp. Delicious!

  4. azul_ros says:

    I use Firefox & I've noticed that all YouTube vids seem to be choppy nowadays. Even when I'm on YouTube's site & I wait for the data to load first.

    • lafinjack says:

      They've been on-and-off molasses for the last couple weeks. Not sure why, could be that DDoS stuff that's going around.

  5. cfs_calif says:

    I too noticed the jitters with flash, but upgraded to 10.5.8 (with Safari 4.0.2) and Flash 10,0,32,18 and it seems to have gone away. Seems likely better in HD/fullscreen mode.

  6. thorfinn says: works wonders. I find it's all problematic if you're running more than a couple of flash players.

  7. icedaemoness says:

    I agree. I really want to hate "I like that" Mostly because her body does NOT "rocks a rhythm" ... although her mouth is fascinating to stare at, it must be said.
    I fail at hating it. I may never watch the video again.

    Okay, but the Qemists' song was a TOTAL tease; I really really liked that track and don't care for either the band nor the vocalist's solo work. FAIL dissapointeeee. MOAR of the mix, plz!

    I was mad at download speed until last week when I had manfriend look into it. Turns out AT&T's software had capped our download speed for no good fucking reason. So now I can't tell if there's a problem :p

  8. xrayspx says:

    I loved the paraphrased Pixies lyric at the end of Storm Large, and the Tiny Masters of Today reminded me a lot of Big Black but happier sounding. So a thread of Steve Albini ties your list together nicely this time.

  9. lionsphil says:

    "Vigantic" is, in fact, the portmanteau of the day.